Protecting Your Brand with World-Class Creative Direction

Since 2001, FX Designs has functioned as a complete creative firm, providing professional, functional and aesthetic solutions for businesses. We cater to small to medium-sized organizations, offering graphic design and a wide variety of marketing services.

 Our name “FX” refers to our relentless drive and pursuit for excellence and it’s “effect” on the industries and markets we inspire through the art of visual story-telling. We would like the opportunity to take you through the journey of our creative process.

The Importance of Your Visual Presence

Thoughtful and well executed designs can grab your attention, communicate your ideals and bring your ideas to life. We want to provide your brand with the power to influence and leave a legacy that makes a lasting impression.

Our creative team is small but powerful. We take your ideas and concepts and bring them
to life through our creative process. We view our clients as partners and we take this relationship very seriously; your success is our success.

Below are a few clients we have worked with over the years that have seen the growth and potential of our efforts.

Your brand is what separates you from the rest!

We work closely with you to outline your capabilities and identify your purpose, and then build marketing campaigns that shine through all the noise. We are committed to understanding your objectives, your competition and your industry in order to center our approach and eff effectively communicate your brand strategy. We work with businesses that want to make a difference. We build our experience around knowledge and form strategies that revolve around you and our partnership to create something greater than the sum of its parts.



Identifying your brand’s purpose

We identify your brand’s purpose and what separates you from your competition in order to provide solutions that will position you well through any medium. Using print and digital canvases, we create your visual and center your brand within the market to intensify its reach to the masses. Our philosophy is simple; no matter what industry you are in, we use a forward-thinking approach to ensure your presence is seen and your brand is protected through proper stylization.


Fine-tuning the perception of your business to your audiences.

Research is the foundation and key to understanding your current market and business footprint, and knowing where to visually guide your brand. A brand analysis is an integral part of our creative process.

We can provide an evaluation of your brand and see where your potential lies. A fresh, updated look can make a drastic difference as brands typically revamp their marketing materials periodically to stay relevant.

We take everything in, from the perception of your brand to your goals for growing your business prior to recommending and providing our visual concepts. Your consumers are at the start of this - we understand the importance of this connection and ensure our efforts are honest and authentic while engaging.



Our creative process works, so you don’t have to!

We will explore different visual concepts to properly gauge how we can separate your brand from the competition. However, we understand that beauty is subjective and we will work to make sure your interests are well regarded.

Each concept we present is developed and designed around a narrative. This process helps us create a framework that will carry throughout and guide your brand’s style. We present different concepts to better understand your aesthetic appreciation and to help you understand the motives and creativity behind our choices.

After we establish this visual language, we will move forward to refine and polish this narrative and apply this to all future visuals. From here, your brand will have all the necessary ingredients to create long lasting impressions. This is when we move into implementation.


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